We welcome new volunteers to the organisation.

Wedoourbest is a humanitarian organization based in Denmark. We are the lookout for what we describe as “professional volunteer”s and are looking for the moment after setting a new international team.

We are on the lookout for some volunteers with expertise in several areas such as Photographer / Videographer, Text experts, Media experts, Word Press and Social media experts. We are also looking for an experienced fundraiser with expert knowledge in local and international fundraising like we also look after professional volunteers with knowledge about EU funding. If you have interest in any of these, please contact us. Currently, there are only opportunities for voluntary unpaid tasks.

When you send your application, you give us your consent/approval at the same time to that we can contact you and that we must keep your data under the law that is applicable under the EU and Danish legislation.

Related to the law, we must inform you that you can always withdraw this consent/approval and we will delete all data. We only keep your first name, last name, email and a copy of the message where you are asking us to delete your data.

In order to become a member, you must fully accept these 11 elements/questions.
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