Sign up Ambassador

“We want to make a difference for the many children and young people living in challenging conditions across the Asian-Pacific. Social conditions affect, unfortunately, many children and youths, and they are the reason our organization was founded and, indeed, that we want to help”.

You have probably already been in a dialogue about being assigned a role as Ambassador for the humanitarian organisation Wedoourbest, and we kindly ask you to inform us of some information to start your registration and assign you to the role.

There is a process for this, and you will receive some emails as we will ask you for more information. The deadline is within five days, after this the signing up need to be set up one more time. It is best to follow the flow, to do the full signing up, its about 20 minutes.

When you click “SET UP” you give written permission/consent to that we must communicate with you. According to Danish and EU law, we must inform you that you can always withdraw this consent later on if this is your wish, you just call us via “contact” on our website.

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