Working with

The key document for an employee of is the offer of employment, this is only for employees on a contract and who get paid a salary. To be a part of requires that you believe in what we believe in, and want to follow our rules and setups for working in We have some documents that you need to sign to be a part of We have some very solid rules about security and information.

In those Q&A we have tried to define the rules applying for office employees/field workers and as a volunteer. The Q&A is a part of the full relationship you sign on when joining the organisation.

Our employees will get paid a salary related to a special salary grid, a grid with global consideration. As a candidate, we will inform you about our salary grid setup. We balance the salary in a way, so we both don’t use all the money to salaries, but still, hold the responsibility to offer a salary matching the job you cover for us. We also look at the typical salary in the country you work in, the expenses level and also we have a look at the salary level in the other countries we are operating in.

We pay all paid employees accident insurance that is valid when you are at work for us.

All travel employees pay for travel insurance which is valid when you are working for us.

Associated consultants must cover the costs of accident and travel insurance themselves.

Volunteers have to make sure they are insured when they do volunteer work, the same goes for trainees. does not cover accidents/accidents insurance for volunteers.

However, there are some groups of trainees that get covered for accident and travel insurance, such as trainees positions established under an individual EU concept. Requires separate permission to do so.

All available jobs are placed on a job board:, and we have an agreement with the search and selection company: for helping out to select the best suitable candidate for the job. The match is made related to the full amount of talent the candidate possesses and in relation to the defined job. It can in some cases be a value that you have been working as a volunteer in the organisation, but it is only a part of the full picture we recruit out from.

We do follow the local laws related to vacation and days off like we do follow the local law regarding the number of working hours weekly.

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