Our Staff

Members are professionals and choose this work out of concern for and commitment to children’s futures.

Operated from our Denmark office, our specialists work in healthcare, operations, communication, advocacy, fundraising, finance and human resources, to provide solutions and assistance for children’s needs.

There is a big difference between normal work and working for a humanitarian organization, and it is important both for our candidates and for us that we choose the right employees. Therefore, all employees undergo a very intense assessment model in order to be a part of our team, led by our psychologists and HR experts.

All employees in WeDoOurBest must have a clean criminal record and must comply with the Danish rules and the framework to be approved to work with children and young people. Denmark has some of the highest requirements in the world. It is also necessary that our employees accept that we closely supervise how we interact and work with children and youth.

The same applies to our volunteers.