Charter and Principles

Wedoourbest is a private organization with international impact. The organization is formed by international citizens, with its significant vision for future generations. The key operation is placed on children and youth from Asia-Pacific who have a difficult life.

All of its members honourably state their concern by following these principles:

  • Wedoourbest focuses on providing assistance to children in distress, to victims of natural or human-made disasters, and victims of armed conflict, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or political convictions;
  • Wedoourbest stands out from partiality and retains its neutrality, keeping the focus on humanitarian assistance, and claims full, unhindered freedom in the exercise of its functions;
  • Members understand the need for the signed professional code of ethics and respect the complete non-relation to and from political, economic, or sexual differences or religious powers;
  • We do aim to help all children and youths; despite being unable to help everyone, “we do our best” to assist as many as we can. We focus on the children and youths and their needs.

Our key principles:

We are completely neutral! Wedoourbest does not have any relation with or from any political, economic, or sexual differences or religious powers.

To ensure we deliver most of the money we get from our donors, we work together from a solid structure; we believe in an effective and planned effort that is thought out carefully.

We stand out from outside influences and ensure our decisions for assistance in the area or country are based on the impartiality and neutrality of the basic needs of children and youths.

Wedoourbest commits to the responsibility of clear and regular evaluation of the effects of our activities, and for being accountable to our stakeholders: donors, staff and partners, and above all, the children and youths we serve.

To create an impact and make a difference, we strive to achieve the highest level of learning and performance.

We believe that, as human beings, we all deserve the same rights and have the same values. Our decisions are not based on political, economic, sexual differences or religious interests. We focus on children and youths, and their needs.

Human trafficking is a severe violation of an individual’s right to decide over their own bodies and their own lives. Victims of trafficking are often disadvantaged and vulnerable foreigners in a dependency relationship with their traffickers.

Human trafficking is a fundamental violation of basic human rights.

Wedoourbest will always be strongly against Human trafficking and works with other NGOs and social services, especially when there are children and youth involved.

It is quite an extensive chapter and very difficult and dangerous area to work with, so we leave it to other specialized organizations and projects like:

  • HopeNow;
  • Center Mod Menneskehandel (Center Against Human Trafficking);
  • Freedom project;
  • List with more organizations.

The personnel idea

In the best Human Resources Management style, we have made a personnel idea that supports organizations culture and the key principles. We designed this in 9 words and is the key essence in how we work with our volunteers, employees, and leaders.

To shape the best results, the organizations are designed to operate in an interaction between selected offices and field volunteers in a solid companionship with the employees. We do also have passive volunteers who from time to time is asked to assist in case of emergency or bigger situations where the help is needed.

We do believe in a long time relationship with our volunteers, employees, and leaders.

Social Media

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